Why Tammac

Why Tammac

Tammac has been in business since 1976, and we learned a lot throughout this journey. By taking our experiences ⁠— both good and bad ⁠— we created an efficient and personal loan process.

With over 40 years of experience in the mobile and manufactured home financing industry, there's no better partner to help you through the lending process.

Our mission statements

The Tammac mission

Tammac is committed to providing a wide variety of manufactured home lending products with a personal commitment to getting families into a home of their own. When you have a need, WE HEAR YOU! We take your application personally. Whether you’re building a new home, buying a preowned home (1976+), or even a tiny home — Tammac wants to be your lender. Team Tammac will be your lending friend, helping you through every step of the process.

The Tammac vision

Tammac recognizes the increasing need for attainable, affordable housing and will fulfill its role in making this a reality for families nationwide. With almost 50 years of manufactured housing lending experience, we are aggressively expanding access to fair manufactured housing lending.

The Tammac Difference

The Tammac Difference began in 1976 as an option for manufactured and modular home buyers to reduce fees, make loans more affordable, and offer a fast, reliable, and personal partnership to help customers fulfill their dreams of home ownership.

We hear you

We’ve noticed that the loan process has become more impersonal over the years, and it feels like no one answers the phone when customers have questions. It’s no fun to call a company and go through a long, complicated automated system. That’s why we have a wide-reaching, friendly staff to contact you personally and help guide you through the loan process. We hear you.

We say no

Why is everyone afraid to say no these days? We say no all the time. From saying no extra fees, no adding extra broker fees, no long application processes, and no treating homebuyers like numbers. We say no where it counts.

We're all in, all the time

Tammac is an organization of motivated, dedicated, service-oriented professionals. We have fun making your dream of homeownership become a reality. Our philosophy is simple — bring the highest quality products and services to our clients, delivered with personal expertise. Since its inception in 1976, Tammac offers diversified, innovative financial, and technologically advanced loan products with the goal of finding ways to give approvals. We want you to buy a home — and we are here to help you, not prevent you. Team Tammac is all in with you, ready to respond and help you in every step of the process.

We take it personally

Tammac is a direct lender and services all of the loans we originate. We work together with our dealer partners, realtors, and with the public for private resale loans. We’re dedicated to assisting all of our clients to make the home buying experience easy, efficient and affordable — we take each partnership personally.

Set up a call with one of our experts today and get your approval started

Since Tammac’s beginning, we have delivered financing for buyers purchasing manufactured homes, whether mobile homes or modular homes. We finance in communities, on private ground, leased ground or homes that are presently real estate secured and even new construction loans. Whether you are buying a new or preowned home (1976+), the Tammac team is ready to personally help you through the process. 

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