Loan types

Understanding manufactured home loan types

Understanding manufactured home financing and the different types of loan options available does not have to be confusing. We have put together a simple and easy-to-use guide to help you understand the types of financing that are available to you from Tammac. When you are trying to finance a manufactured home in a community there is a loan type from Tammac perfect for your factory-built home.

Exterior photo of a manufactured home in a community

Getting started

Buying or refinancing a manufactured home can be complicated……. When it comes to financing your dream home there are many important factors to consider throughout the home buying process, starting with the loan type. When you are financing the home by itself on land you own, or leased land. Leased land typically consists of Manufactured Home Communities, Mobile Home Parks, or private property which will not be included in the loan. Simply use the guide below to find which loan type is right for you and learn more.

Manufactured home-only loans

Commonly described as chattel (home-only), these loans are for those wanting to only purchase the home. It may be in a manufactured home community or on another piece of owned or leased land.

Refinance manufactured home loans

Whether you want to lower your monthly payment or extend your term, refinancing your home with a Tammac manufactured home loan could save you thousands.

Need help?

Our local area team members are here to help you navigate choosing the right loan type. We want to take the hassle and confusion out of the home loan process. Jump start your loan approval process with the online application, and experience the Tammac difference.

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